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Cannabis In Thailand

It’s happened! Cannabis in Thailand is not only legal (at least for now; read below for more explanation on this), but it’s easily found in most of Thailand’s major cities! In the following article, I’ll tell you how to find some green as soon as you touch down. Because, let’s face it, after a long flight, there’s nothing to take the edge off like a nice spliff! Here are my tips for finding cannabis in Thailand, the right way!

Cannabis Dispensaries In Thailand


When I first landed in Thailand, cannabis legalization was still relatively new, so there were not many dispensaries around.  Six weeks later, the place was like Little Amsterdam.  I went from seeing a couple here and there operating in the shadows to full-blown California-style dispensary advertising. I’m talking glass cases, huge storefront signs, and occupying some prime real estate in the busiest areas!  And they are packed! Many Thais have fully embraced this as the next cash crop, and they are not wasting time.  A quick Google search in most places for “dispensary” will bring up a ton of options. This is especially true in bigger cities, but the smaller ones are not far behind!

Thailand Cannabis Online Ordering


Yes, you read that right. For a small fee (between 100-200 baht) you can have your product delivered right to your hotel lobby!  You can’t even do that in many states in the US that have had legalization for years. Thailand is definitely moving at breakneck speed in terms of cannabis infrastructure. Look up some online menus and get in touch with WhatsApp or Line, two of the most popular messaging apps in Thailand. You can use WhatsApp and to get a menu, prices, and delivery time, all within a few minutes of chatting.  After ordering, a driver pulls up on a moped; confirm it was you, and bam, Thailand’s finest in your pocket! They even threw in a couple rolling papers, the Thai people are so nice!

Where To Smoke

Hotel delivered cannabis

While it’s now legal to buy cannabis in Thailand, it’s not legal to smoke it in public.  Stay on your hotel room’s balcony or in a private location, and you won’t have any issues.  But some areas are a little more lax. For example, the first place we saw(and smelled)cannabis was on Khao San Road, one of the busiest tourist spots in Bangkok.  We found a little shop selling joints right there, with many tourists smoking openly at little tables. It was wild! But many people barely batted an eye, so I guess it’s common, at least for now.  Use your street smarts though, a place filled with mostly older Thais or non-smokers is obviously a no-go when it comes to smoking. 

Will Cannabis Stay Legal? 

Weed jars

This is the question that is on the minds of every cannabis entrepreneur in Thailand, I guarantee it. Although the industry got the green light (no pun intended) in 2022, it exploded, much to the chagrin of some Thai politicians. They are now pushing back on legalization in an attempt to make it illegal again. Millions of dollars have been poured into the industry since it was legalized, so you can imagine how angry some Thai cannabis shop owners are about the backtracking of the Thai government.  Many think it’s too late for them to reverse course now, but it remains to be seen what will be the final result of the government’s attempt to ban cannabis again. 

Final Thoughts On Cannabis In Thailand

Thailand Phuket

Cannabis in Thailand will be a great financial and tourist boom for the country. Just being there in the final days before coming home, I could tell the shops were much more packed and busy than just six weeks before. But who knows if it will last, as the laws could change back to illegal just as quickly.  Keep up to date on any legislation before your trip so you’re not caught off guard when you arrive.  If you are able to catch a trip there soon before the law possibly changes, I highly suggest it.  While Amsterdam in the past was always my favorite “cannabis culture” city in the world, Bangkok may be the new king in town.  Be sure to let me know in the comments below if you have recently visited Thailand or have any thoughts on cannabis in Thailand.  Thanks for reading, and check out some of our other blog posts when you have a chance! 

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