Going On A Trip? Check Out Some Packing Tips First!

A List Of Tips On Packing For An Extensive Trip Without The Extra Baggage!

After a vacation has been booked, the first thing I always ask myself is, “What should I pack?!” Packing for a vacation can be a challenge for anyone, no matter the destination. Planning for a long one can be even harder. The last thing you want is to have to lug around a heavy suitcase full of things you’re not using from city to city. Even with the amount of time and research that went into prepping, you’ll still end up packing unnecessary items! In this article, I will go over some tips on how to pack for that dream vacation without the extra baggage!

Before You Start Packing, Ask Yourself?

I like to ask myself the below questions before any trip, it always helps me get a general idea of what I need to pack versus what I want to pack!

  • Where are we going? Are there any restrictions on travel items to that country?
  • What is the climate going to be like? Warm? Cold? Would I need to pack a jacket or shorts? or Both?
  • How many days? Will we have access to do laundry?
  • What type of activities do we have planned and what can I pack for that?
  • Are we packing for any special occasion?
  • Is the item easily accessible where I can just buy it there?

The Best Bag For The Trip?

Traveling light is the best! We suggest packing a small carry-on and a personal item only, no matter the length of your trip! Everyone has their preferences on style, color, and size when it comes to picking a carry-on, but luckily there are soooooo many options out there! Choosing your carry-on depends on how it will best fit you and your travel needs. What are you looking for? Something fashionable? Strong and Durable? Extra storage or big pockets? Is it really necessary to get a hard shell? Lots to think about!

I’ve traveled with the same soft-side luggage I picked up from a discount store for many years without any issues. It was a great luggage that had a lot of giving so I was able to squeeze a ton in there and it wouldn’t budge! But my newest one is a hard shell. I bought it so I can restrain myself from trying to jam too many souvenirs in my luggage. Sorry bro, no elephant pants for you!

The Classic Duffle Mistake!

Duffel Bags works amazing for a day or weekend trip but are just not ideal for whipping through airports and narrow airplane aisles. They are just too bulky! And it’s pretty much impossible to walk down the aisle of a plane without accidentally hitting someone in the head with it. And why end up with years of back and shoulder pain trying to carry everything when you can simply roll it? Duffel Bags on rollers? Still a no.

Most Importantly: Pack Ahead!

There is so much to do and see in this world, don’t let extra baggage or last-minute packing frustrations slow you down while you’re on that once-in-a-lifetime trip. Choose what you want to bring carefully and take your time instead of packing the night before(like my partner)!

Anyways, I hope this article will help prevent you from falling victim to a bad case of overpacking! Now go through that luggage and start slimming that bag down!

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