Lake Como! An Idyllic Locale In Northern Italy

Lake Como

Lake Como! What’s not to love? Whether it’s the picturesque lake views, amazing Italian cuisine, great hiking, or amazing architecture, this town has something for everyone! Check out some tips below to make the most of your next trip there!

Getting To Lake Como

The easiest way to get to the town of Como is by train. Situated only about 45 minutes north of Milan, the town of Como is very easily accessible with a quick €8-ish ride from Milan Central Train Station. The train stops at Como before continuing into Switzerland so if you want, you can continue your journey north after Como if you prefer!

The best airports to fly into would be Milan International or even Zurich, as the ride from Zurich to Milan through the Alps is supposed to be one of the most beautiful train rides in the world!

But honestly, the train system in Italy is so great, you could fly into any city really and eventually get to Como, solely by rail!

Where To Stay in Como

Lake Como

There are many choices for lodging while in Como, from 5-star hotels to hostels. We stayed in a wide range of places during our stay(well, not the 5-star places because they were FAR outside our budget), and didn’t have any issues except for one dungeon-like AirBnb, yikes!

One spot we really liked was the Posta Design Hotel. Averaging about €100 a night, the 3-star hotel was perfectly located with restaurants, bars, and more importantly the lake, right outside your door!

The rooms were clean and modern and staff was very helpful with any questions we had! Great place that we will revisit when we come next time if it’s available.

I highly suggest checking this place out if you’re looking for a place to stay in Como. Be warned however, the summer prices for all lodging is MUCH higher than Fall, Winter, and Spring.

What To Eat In Como?

Panini And Chips

The food was hands down one of the highlights of Como. They had a wide variety; pizza, paninis, salad’s, burgers, whatever you crave, the town of Como has you covered!

There are plenty of lakefront restaurants with amazing views to go along with dinner, but honestly, the best places I found were in the little alleyways and side streets, away from other tourists!

One of these restaurants and my favorite while in Como, was a little spot called La Griglia. Family run and always full of locals, this spot served some of the best pizza I’ve ever had! The wine was awesome as well and very affordable at about €3-3.50 for a quarter liter.

Don’t miss dessert as they are all homemade by the restaurant owner’s mother, really incredible!

What To Do In Como?

There is literally so much to do in the town of Como! Walk the streets, do some shopping, or take a ferry to another beautiful town on the lake! The ferry system is great and efficient; just be sure to get your tickets in advance because they can sometimes sell out!

This is VERY important when you get dropped off at a place to visit. You’ll want to make sure you get a return ticket ASAP in case the last ferry comes around and they’re sold out!

A couple of towns we visited on Lake Como using the ferry were Bellagio and Varenna. Both were adorable little towns with Bellagio being the more popular and busy of the two.

Bellagio had some great restaurants/bars and was a blast to wander around because it’s almost impossible to get lost in such a small town!

Enjoy some lakeside dining or shopping here too as there is some unique gifts that I didn’t really see on my other Italian travels.

Varenna on the other hand, while much smaller, had some amazing scenery and historical sites to visit. The main attraction and the reason we stopped here was to see Castello di Vezio, an 11th century castle. It’s a bit of a hike from the dock to the castle, but the payoff is well worth the effort!

Don’t Miss It!

That’s all for now! Make sure you visit the city of Como on any trip to Northern Italy! It will be a highlight of your trip, I guarantee it! Check out some of our other travel blogs from unique destinations around the world! Thanks for reading!

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